A Regular Thrill Seeker?

For those of you that want to learn more after your tandem skydive, we now offer skydive training.

skydive_training-hpOn jumps 1 thru 5 its all about giving you a solid foundation to build your skydive career. These jumps focus on emergency procedures, basic canopy flight and landing yourself safely.

Once you have displayed you can safely navigate and land your parachute you will start learning free fall maneuvers.

Turns, flips, loops, rolls and tracking are next on the agenda. This is when you learn how to fly your body. Its like the old saying, “If you want to learn to fly? Get out of the plane!”

After successful completion of the 25 jump course you can apply for your A license and call yourself a “skydiver”.

Welcome to the family!

Contact us today for more information about plans and pricing – (970) 364-3737