Meet the staff of Roaring Fork Skydivers! Find out a bit of what we do and who we are below.

Roaring Fork Skydivers


Red-eye, Chief, Bossman, The Man, the guy in charge

Jeremy started skydiving at the age of 28 and now has got to have 9,000 jumps at least! He is an internationally known skydiver and fancies himself quite a ladies man. When he is not skydiving he enjoys BASE jumping, hanging with friends, and cruising around in his vintage bug.


Pilot, as well as a Skydiver

Jess a.k.a. Pick is a retired skydiving instructor with thousands of jumps under his belt. Also, he’s always down for exploration and a good laugh. Lastly, Pickles is a veteran pilot gaining over 30 years of aviation experience.


Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor and also a Coach

Daniel started skydiving in 2006, now with about 6, 000 jumps total! Dan loves what he does and he does what he loves. Another thing, his personality is mirrored by his collection of tall, bright and colorful socks.


Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Coach and Tandem Examiner

David began his skydiving career in 2011 and has earned multiple ratings since then. His mohawk rocks, by the way. And he wears a lot of red (for his chakra, we think).



Kris does computer things for the drop zone. She’s passionate for SCUBA diving and of course enjoys skydiving too. Born and raised in the Philippines, she moved to California in 2009. Also, she has traveled to 16 different countries since, and she cooks mad chicken adobo.


Chief Balls and Sticks Officer

Groot is in charge of all the balls and sticks that come in. He is the tug-of-war champion of the drop zone.

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