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Why do a Tandem Skydive

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A tandem skydive is the safest and fastest way to experience the thrill of skydiving! After our brief but thorough training course you will be ready to conquer the sky! The anticipation builds as you climb high above the earth while enjoying the view of the entire Front Range from 13000’ in the sky. Your stresses and worries float away with every foot you climb. “DOOR!” and you feel the blast of cold air a few short moments later and you are in the door yourself! “READY! SET! ARCH!” and out you go. The falling sensation is never quite there but you know you are plummeting towards the earth, at speeds of up to 120mph! After what can feel like the longest freefall ever the parachute opens softly and you fly gracefully through the sky and set up for landing. With a tandem skydive, you are attached to a Licensed USPA Tandem Instructor with a minimum of 500 skydives. A tandem skydive will give you the experience of a lifetime! If you like adrenaline a tandem skydive would be perfect for you to get you on your way to becoming a certified skydiver. And remember skydiving is safer than peanuts! (Peanuts, on average, kill 100 people a year)