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Glenwood Springs Skydive

How to Book your Tandem Jump

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Hey there! Getting ready to skydive? We put together this article to help you book your tandem jump.

You may be planning a vacation around Aspen, or you might even be in the area already. Maybe you’ve been thinking of going on an adventure, or simply doing something new for the first time, then let us take you skydiving!


How to Book Your Tandem Jump

First, let’s get to know what a Tandem Skydive means.

Roaring Fork Skydivers

Tandem Jumping with Roaring Fork Skydivers

You will be given instructions on basic body position on freefall and details on what to expect on the jump. Your instructor will be wearing and operating the parachute, while you wear a harness attached to his parachute rig.

This activity includes a 15 to 20-minute airplane ride up to altitude, flying over the Roaring Fork Valley, with the views of Carbondale, Mt. Sopris, the Colorado River, the Roaring Fork River and more!

When altitude is reached, you and your instructor will head to the door and in his count, you will begin your skydive.

The average freefall rate on a tandem skydive is 120 MPH. That being said, expect the 30 seconds of freefall to sound just like that — 120 MPH wind. The 5-minute canopy ride is audibly the opposite of the freefall. Now it’s serene, quiet and peaceful overlooking Glenwood Springs, CO.

You land back down, check out your skydiving photos and videos, collect your post-jump skydiving certificate, free shirt and free stickers!



To Book


Tandem Jumping with Roaring Fork Skydivers

In most cases, you will be able to book your skydive through a skydiving facility’s website or over the phone. In our case, you may do either for your convenience.

A tandem skydive will cost $308 per person, and you may purchase your digital pictures or video taken using GoPros by your instructor, for $100 each. The pictures and video both include pre-jump, airplane ride, exit, freefall, canopy ride and post-jump shots. You will receive all files in RAW, to preserve the HD quality of the products.


We encourage you to call us to hear about our on-going and upcoming promotions and programs.

Since skydiving is a weather-reliant sport, it is best to set aside an entire day for your this experience, although usually, it only takes about 2 hours total. Plan your trip ahead! If it so happens you are skydiving or celebrating anything special on this day, we have a grill for you to use. Bring your friends, drinks and have a cook out — take your time soaking in the fact you jumped out of a moving airplane in high altitude, and you made it back in one piece!

Now you have the pricing, your friends/family, a date and time to book, what’s next?

Call 970-364-3737 or make a reservation here.


IAD Jumps

IAD Jumps

Interested in Solo Skydiving Certification?

Get your A-License fast! Our solo certification program is now in session! Give us a call for more information.





Fun Diving with Roaring Fork Skydivers

Having fun handwalking out the strut

Experienced Skydiver passing through Colorado? Give us a ring! $30 per jump ticket & $25 rig rental.


We offer all these for you!

What a day to end the season!

About Cheap Tandem Skydiving Deals

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Looking forward to cross skydiving off your bucket list? We agree you should! Roaring Fork Skydivers knows you have options but you should know that we offer some of the better deals.



A tandem skydive is where you’re harnessed and attached to an experienced instructor and they’ll be responsible for operating the parachute. You’ll learn the basics of body position on freefall and safe landing procedures. Learn about human flight by making a tandem jump!

A tandem skydive with usBook now! is $308.00. This includes instructions from one of our United States Parachutes Association-rated  (USPA) instructors, gear and equipment rental such as jumpsuit, goggles and gloves, 25 to 30 seconds of freefall time, about 5 minutes of parachute ride, a tandem certificate to prove the experience (every jump counts toward your license!), free t-shirt, and free bumper sticker!

You may purchase your video and photos package for an extra cost of $100. All footage and pictures will be in digital format which will be handed to you a few minutes after you land for the jump!

Experienced jumpers are also welcome to jump with us for $30 per ticket, and parachute rental is $25 per jump. Altimeters are also available.





In addition to above’s list, the cost of your skydive covers the following:

  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Fuel usage
  • Gear and equipment upkeep including two parachutes per parachute rig
  • Safety equipment such as Automatic Activation Devices
  • Staff training and payment for their services



DCIM100GOPROYou may find cheap skydiving promos, deals or sales but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Third-party agencies run such deals or skydiving centers who do not invest much towards their equipment (…underpaid staff utilize them, by the way – yikes!).

Skydiving is a relatively safe sport though at times unforgiving. We do not cut corners and our dropzone do not rely on upsells and jump volume. Your instructor wouldn’t be rushing to check your gear before we throw you out of an airplane!

Aside from our reliable skydiving equipment and hard-working team, the view from our airspace is a bonus 🙂



Scott’s Blog

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When I moved to Colorado with plans to begin jumping, I did not expect it to take over me as much as it did.  After doing my FJC at Independent Skydive Company and completing a few jumps I was hooked and wanted to do anything I had to to venture further into the sport.  After obtaining my A License, I started jumping as often as I could, averaging about 60-70 jumps a month.  I started to really enjoy the sport!  After jumping and hanging around the drop zone for a couple of months I began packing for ISDC.  I continued to ground crew, jump and learn from all the instructors.  I am still currently working at here  packing tandems and am now starting to coach.  I am excited to dive head first into the sport and couldn’t be happier with the friends and experiences  I’ve made working here.

Jen Lee – FJC & IAD#2

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Hey guys! My name is Jen and I got hooked up with an awesome job this summer. In short, I’m working to get thrown out of airplanes! I just recently earned enough for my first jump course. I got to complete that this past Sunday. I went to Independent Skydive Company 8am on a beautiful sunny morning and completed the mandatory 4 hours of ground school. So much information, so little time! I was so nervous by the time we got to get into the airplane. I had to calm myself down enough to think through my first steps when getting out. When we reached 3500ft the door swung open; I was second to get out of the plane (freaky watching your fellow student hanging off of the wing!). Climbing out was incredibly windy; I could barely talk to my instructor. I remember hanging off the plane wing, my feet dangling…and then letting go. My mind went crazy and I remember feeling the tug of the parachute opening. After checking if my parachute was in good condition, it was a calm beautiful ride to the ground. I couldn’t believe I was gliding through the air from 3500 ft up all the way to the ground by myself. I had an easy and happy landing and I can’t wait to do my second IAD Jump! 24 more jumps till I’m am a licensed skydiver!

I finally earned enough for my second IAD jump the other day. For this jump, the goal was a practice pull, where I reach back and pretend to pull my own pilot chute out. I was still very nervous this jump. After some practice with movements on the ground, I got to head up into the air. Note to self: don’t try to pass gas in a Cessna 182. Got out again at about 3500 ft and slowly climbed towards the tip of the wing. I had to make sure my feet didn’t get blown off the tiny step out of the door. I’ve gotten good at calming myself down after I step out of the plane; after a bit of deep breathing, I let myself fall. I kicked a bit after letting go but luckily it didn’t cause any problems. Got my practice pull as my parachute opened, a little sloppy with my legs but I’ll get better! Played a little bit more with my parachute on the way down. This time my landing was a little rougher, I flared a tad too late and hit the ground a bit harder. Over all, it was a great jump; I’m getting more excited as I begin to feel more comfortable flinging myself from airplanes!

Check Dive!

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After successfully completing all levels of the IAD program you have one last supervised jump! In this jump you design the skydive. You will need to spot for your jump, incorporate disorienting maneuvers(loops, rolls, flips) and precise turns and docks. You will break-off and track for max separation, wave off and pull by the desired altitude, fly a good pattern while landing gracefully and accurately. Now you are ready for self supervision and can do group skydives with licensed skydivers! Blue Skies!

IAD jumps 10-14

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By this point in your training you will be falling stable, pulling at the correct altitude, flying good patterns, landing safely and accurately. You will also be jumping from height, full altitude jumps! During these jumps we will be exiting unstable and doing disorienting moves such as: front loops, back loops and barrel rolls. We will also be docking with other skydivers and tracking away for max separation during opening. You should also be doing your own prejump gear inspections, giving gear checks to your fellow skydivers, joined the USPA and have a good understanding of the BSR’s and FAR’s. You will also have a good understanding of canopy flight and flight characteristics of parachutes.

IAD Jumps 6-9

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After your successful “clear and pull” you are ready to start flying your body! First we look for stable free fall. Good belly to earth body position and heading control. Once you display good stable free fall and most importantly “ALTITUDE AWARENESS” we start working on human body flight! These next jumps you will be learning basic flying skills. As you complete required maneuvers, we jump from progressively higher altitudes. You will also be learning more about the equipment you are using, flying good patterns, landing safely and becoming a more proficient and safe skydiver.

Your first IAD jumps

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After the first jump course You will have the skills and confidence to start your skydiving career! On your first jumps we look for good body position, arms up, hips forward and head back. The exit sets you up for your entire skydive. A good exit is the foundation for good in air maneuvers and will also increase you freefall time. On these first jumps you will be learning the basics for good safe skydiving habits. We stress canopy control and landing safely first and foremost! Once you start flying good patterns and landing safely we start working on your freefall skills. During these jumps we also start training you deploy your own parachute! Ready, set, arch and away you go! Once you display the skills to deploy your main while keeping good body position you will be set to “clear and pull!” Then you are on to Jumps 6 thru 9. More freefall time and freefall maneuvers!

I want to skydive!

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IMAG0469My name is Kassandra Gurule, and I want to skydive!  As a Colorado native, I learned to ski, became an adrenaline enthusiast, and constantly wanted to feel “the rush” at a young age.  On the way to Boulder, my parents drove by a drop zone, and I would search the sky for the “flying things”.  As soon as I realized people were attached to the parachutes, “flying things”, I wanted to experience the extraordinary rush.  I wanted to feel that rush in the sky that I felt looking up from the ground.  Recently, I started working at Independent Skydive Company in Boulder, Colorado.  I was so excited to begin working with a company where I could learn to skydive.  The DZO, Jeremy Divan “Redeye”, is a very experienced international skydiver and BASE jumper, and contains more knowledge about the sport than one could ask!  Furthermore, all the guys here have several hundred or thousands of jumps!  I know the information coming from them is honest and real.

I have surrounded myself with supportive friends that are willing to share their knowledge, so I can become a licensed skydiver.  Nothing compares to working around the awesome people at the drop zone and learning a passionate goal all at the same time.  I feel so privileged to be in such safe, experienced hands while learning such an exhilarating sport…from amazing people that create memories to never forget.  Although I am a little nervous for my first jump, my nervousness is overwhelmed with support and excitement to jump.  Shawn Carroll has gone over the first jump course with me, and now I need to complete fifteen IAD jumps!  Now, for the first IAD jump…Here we go SO EXCITED!!!

What is IAD?

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IAD or Instructor Assisted Deployment, is a 15 jump course that teaches you the skills necessary to become a licensed skydiver. The IAD course stresses canopy skills first then working into free fall skills. During the 15 jump course you will also complete most of the requirements for your “A” card as well as your canopy proficiency skills. With completion of the certification course the entire “A” card, your canopy proficiency skills, and 25 jumps (tandems count too) you will be eligible for your “A” License!