I want to skydive!

IMAG0469My name is Kassandra Gurule, and I want to skydive!  As a Colorado native, I learned to ski, became an adrenaline enthusiast, and constantly wanted to feel “the rush” at a young age.  On the way to Boulder, my parents drove by a drop zone, and I would search the sky for the “flying things”.  As soon as I realized people were attached to the parachutes, “flying things”, I wanted to experience the extraordinary rush.  I wanted to feel that rush in the sky that I felt looking up from the ground.  Recently, I started working at Independent Skydive Company in Boulder, Colorado.  I was so excited to begin working with a company where I could learn to skydive.  The DZO, Jeremy Divan “Redeye”, is a very experienced international skydiver and BASE jumper, and contains more knowledge about the sport than one could ask!  Furthermore, all the guys here have several hundred or thousands of jumps!  I know the information coming from them is honest and real.

I have surrounded myself with supportive friends that are willing to share their knowledge, so I can become a licensed skydiver.  Nothing compares to working around the awesome people at the drop zone and learning a passionate goal all at the same time.  I feel so privileged to be in such safe, experienced hands while learning such an exhilarating sport…from amazing people that create memories to never forget.  Although I am a little nervous for my first jump, my nervousness is overwhelmed with support and excitement to jump.  Shawn Carroll has gone over the first jump course with me, and now I need to complete fifteen IAD jumps!  Now, for the first IAD jump…Here we go SO EXCITED!!!