Your first IAD jumps

By September 9, 2012 Skydiving Blog No Comments

After the first jump course You will have the skills and confidence to start your skydiving career! On your first jumps we look for good body position, arms up, hips forward and head back. The exit sets you up for your entire skydive. A good exit is the foundation for good in air maneuvers and will also increase you freefall time. On these first jumps you will be learning the basics for good safe skydiving habits. We stress canopy control and landing safely first and foremost! Once you start flying good patterns and landing safely we start working on your freefall skills. During these jumps we also start training you deploy your own parachute! Ready, set, arch and away you go! Once you display the skills to deploy your main while keeping good body position you will be set to “clear and pull!” Then you are on to Jumps 6 thru 9. More freefall time and freefall maneuvers!